Anderson, Vaughn and Allen, PLLC, where the Client
comes first!

The firm's philosophy is that the client comes first and foremost.
While as attorneys we are handling many cases at any given time,
each client has only one case and it is often the most important
issue in their life. We will treat both the client and the case that way.
Our clients have been damaged in some way by a negligent party,
and as a result, they are suffering physically, and many times,
financially.  Each  case, therefore, will be processed and resolved as
quickly and efficiently as possible in order to alleviate or ameliorate
the client's pain and financial difficulties.

If you, a friend or anyone in your family has been involved in an
accident, has suffered a serious personal injury or has been treated
unfairly, you can count on our team of lawyers and support staff to
help you get the compensation that you need and deserve.

We provide free consultations and thorough review of medical
records at no cost. If we determine that you have a case, our fees
are limited to a percentage of the amount recovered.

Call us at (502) 637-3335 to schedule a free consultation.

Tell us what happened. We can explain the process and help you
feel at ease.

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The Law Offices of Anderson, Vaughn and Allen, PLLC, are
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